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Post-traumatic stress disorder and declarative memory functioning: a review PMC

Content PTSD memory loss compromises how well you interpret current place and time Cognitive risk and protective factors in PTSD Psychogenic Blackouts: Epilepsy Ways People With PTSD Can Prevent Memory Loss Types of PTSD Along with therapy, teenagers may benefit from being prescribed antidepressants or other medications. They can happen a few times a week, […]

How to Avoid Getting Bruises From Alcohol

Content Signs Your Body Is Telling You You’re Drinking Too Much Some Types of Cancer Health – Topics How is alcohol-induced hepatitis diagnosed? Excessive alcohol use can make it harder for your body to resist disease, increasing your risk of various illnesses, especially pneumonia. In some people, the initial reaction may feel like an increase […]

Fetor Hepaticus: Why Bad Breath Can Be a Symptom of Liver Disease

Content Related Conditions & Treatments signs and symptoms you might have celiac disease Alcoholic Hepatitis Health Solutions from Our Sponsors Alcoholic Liver Damage Typical Symptoms for Advanced Liver Disease Cirrhosis can lead to liver cancer and end-stage liver disease. Alcoholic liver disease occurs after years of heavy drinking. Cirrhosis is the final phase of alcoholic […]

What Is A Sober Living Home? Sober Living Homes

Content Sober Living Resources Improve Your Chances Of Staying Sober Support for Me and My Family Using Outdoor Adventures to Inspire Addiction Recovery Both will help you hone your skills to minimize triggers and prevent relapse, and give you a supportive environment in the process. Not only does a sober living home help its residents […]