How to Fix Broken Registry Items on Windows 11 5 Quick Ways

Even though it might take a couple of hours for some users, but for a lot of users, it takes more than 24 hours despite having a good internet connection and a high-end machine. Even after 24 hours, it might seem like the update is stuck around 90% or 80%. You might continue to see a loading screen for 3-4 hours without any progress even at this stage. Since the computer might start updating automatically, it will be a huge annoyance because you will have to wait so many hours just for an update. However, those with slow or limited internet connection may take anywhere from several minutes to a few hours.

  • In Windows 10, Windows Update settings have been moved from the classic Control Panel to the new Settings app.
  • As such, if you’re experiencing high ping in a game, disabling Nagle’s Algorithm can help.
  • So instead of trying to nail down the cause, it is better to clean up your PC and restart the update.
  • Windows Update is the service that keeps Windows 10 and other Microsoft products up-to-date on your computer.
  • Which is the reason, the option to clean up system files, isn’t removing the directory.

There might also be some wording differences depending on which version of Windows you’re using. 7) In the pop-up window, click the link to start downloading the updates. Try performing a Windows update to see if this fixes works. If this issue persists, try running the System File Checker. If the problem is caused by a conflict with another application or program then starting your computer in a Clean Boot state will solve the issue. Even if it doesn’t solve the issue, it most certainly will rule out the possibility of a third party application conflicting with the update. But, whatever may be the reason, there are a couple of things that you can do to check whether the update is actually stuck or the update is simply taking a lot of time.

Use Third-party Applications

Finally, make sure you scan your PC for malware and viruses causing registry items to become broken or damaged. That will prompt the DISM tool to scan your computer for corrupt and fmod_event.dll was not found broken system files; check the results to confirm if any file was replaced. You should occasionally confirm that your Windows computer is devoid of broken items in the registry. Doing so will positively impact your PC’s performance, particularly if your computer is running slowly or if some system apps are not working correctly.

can i delete windows update cleanup

However, you should make regular backups so you can restore if the installation of a program or device causes issues. In particular, malware often changes registry startup keys so it will start automatically after each reboot.

Each PC has some
combination of hardware, accessories, OS version, language, IE, device
driver version, Microsoft software at various patch levels, security
updates, etc. The Windows Update system has to sort through all these
combinations to offer the right updates for an individual PC. Each
update has properties including dependencies and a “supercedence”
structure. After install of SUR package reboot, connect to internet and do a manual Windows Update, it should work much faster now.

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